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What difficulties do Chinese machine tools need to solve in the "high and precise" road?

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2018/02/05 16:39
With the development of manufacturing industry, the important role of machine tools has become increasingly prominent. Because of the late start of China's industry, there is a certain technological gap with developed countries, the same is true of the machine tool industry. Fortunately, neither the state nor the machine tool enterprise has ever given up the challenge to sophisticated technology. After the proposal of "made in China 2025", the machine tool industry has set a goal of "high quality". What challenges do the machine tool enterprises need to solve when they start sprinting?
Talent problem
Talents are one of the main production, no matter how high-end technology, gorgeous machinery, people need to study, to operate. A recent survey of 100 enterprises in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Weifang, Changsha, Zhuzhou and six provinces and cities by the People's Daily showed that the manufacturing industry is facing a "three-pronged" problem in attracting talents - not to be found, not to be recruited, not to be retained. The author thinks that these three difficulties also profoundly reflect the talent problem faced by the machine tool industry. To solve these problems, we must work hard in cultivating talents, attracting talents and retaining talents. In this process, in addition to the government to do a good job of guidance, enterprises themselves should also assume responsibility, such as the establishment of a long-term enterprise training mechanism, improve the treatment of skilled workers, strengthen school-enterprise links.
Innovation problem
At present, China's machine tool industry is facing the shortage of high-end technology, weak competitiveness and other issues, it is urgent to inject innovation vitality. However, China's machine tool industry in the distribution of enterprises, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises; in the distribution of products, mainly low-end products. On the one hand, many enterprises in the industry are limited by their own size, lack of innovation funds; on the other hand, because of the long time of new product development and high market risk, enterprises are more inclined to stable "old business" and lack of innovation motivation. When individual fighting alone is difficult to form a climate, school-enterprise cooperation, enterprise alliance may become a way to share risks and solve innovation problems.
Transformation and upgrading problems
With the development of intelligent manufacturing, the demand for transformation and upgrading of traditional machine tool enterprises is becoming more and more urgent, but at the same time, the cost pressure brought by transformation and upgrading makes many enterprises shy away. More importantly, many enterprises lack accurate understanding and development planning of transformation and upgrading, so that transformation and upgrading flow into slogans.
In this case, on the one hand, machine tool enterprises need to straighten out the internal management, do a good job of top-level enterprise design; on the other hand, to ensure the health of enterprises, it is best to do deep, do through a field after the extension. The transformation and upgrading of machine tool enterprises is a long-term process, not simply to replace robots, the installation of automated assembly line can be. The transformation and upgrading that can not bring economic benefits is still a failure. How to find the right transformation and upgrading path for machine tool enterprises will become a problem that enterprises must face and solve in the future.
Ecological problems
Imperfect ecological chain is another difficult problem for machine tool enterprises. At present, the machine tool enterprises in the downstream market development, facing customers do not understand, do not recognize, do not accept the dilemma, in the competition with foreign products, often has not begun to compete, has lost momentum. In the upper reaches of the industry, the core technology of materials and functional components is still controlled by others. The shortage of upstream and downstream and the lack of cooperation among the same enterprises make the development of domestic machine tool enterprises lack of a good ecological environment.
Only by establishing a healthy industrial ecosphere can the enterprise develop smoothly. In the "High-end Dialogue" section of the 19th China Mechatronics Expo and Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition, many industry leaders proposed that manufacturers and end-users should strengthen understanding and cooperation to jointly establish a healthy ecological chain of domestic CNC equipment. To achieve this, more enterprises in the industry need to take an active part in it.
Numerical control equipment is the foundation for developing the country and strengthening the nation. Strong equipment, strong country. Although China's machine tool industry still faces many obstacles in the process of striding toward "high-end", with the joint efforts of enterprises in the industry, it is believed that it will eventually achieve the goal of world-class.
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